Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day? Not Sure.. Dont like the poop so lets go swim..

Well much has come out my hiatus so far.... #1 Job which I am still studying... anyone who has been or is in suffering must go through the entire book... Taking this time to slow down and spend some much needed quite time with God was much over due.... #2 I have absolutely enjoyed this little things in life each day that really really really matter... praise the Lord...... When you isolate yourself from things around you (for healthy purposes) wow how quickly you can start to get things going on the right track again... Not that my problems are solved, but I have a lot more peace, getting refilled.... I however really miss all my Internet connections, and totally fill out of the loop, I would LOVE to rejoin my cyber world, but I will have patience to wait until day 41... seriously most will probably not even know I was gone lol... I did however have to break a rule and start checking my e-mail... we have several different things going on, and man are we a cyber world now or what....... So I found that in order to still take care of the day to day stuff I had to use the e-mail..... Guess this is trial by error... lol.. What day is it anyway???? My little guy had some really bad bloody stools yesterday, and he was not constipated actually totally bulky lots of mucous... really had a good poop week, so I really don't know where that came from... total downer... but checked in with CF Doc and if it is good by Monday ( which I am praying for) then we are not going to worry about it... If it continues this weekend then we will see a pediatric gastric Dr... So now I am waiting to see more poop and now he IS constipated ugh.... not sure if that is a good sign or bad.... so now trying the softeners.. I really don't like this poop thing.... So we decided to change the topic and have some fun n the sun....
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