Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sending love to Ethan's Mom...

Earlier I was heading over to "Lil' Chris's Mama" to thank her for her kind words, when I see she had added a link to "Ethan's Story". Upon clicking on the Blog it broke my heart. I have learned that a few kind words, can make all the difference in helping someone get through the day. If you have a few spare moments please visit "Ethan's Story". She could really use some support.

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  1. Hey there, great to hear from you! I try to keep my life (and blog haha) as positive as possible. I believe that if I treat my child like he is sick, he will act sick. But if I treat my child like he is just like any other kid who has dreams and happiness, then he will be filled with happiness and dreams. Our CF clinic is very adament that we treat Gavin just like any other kid and allow him to do anything any other kid would do. I truely believe that a cure is just around the corner and that our little ones will live long lives. I personally ignore the median age being 37, yes I know it is there, but our children are blessed with new medications,treatments etc that were not available in the past. I don't consider my son to be sick, our goal is to do everything possible to keep him from getting sick. Just remember, no one is promised a tomorrow...CF or no CF :)


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