Thursday, July 2, 2009

You know you are a CFers Mum if-

You know your a CFers Mum if you laugh and blame your husband for that foul smell... You have resorted to a Poop Gallery to better explain things to your doctor..... You have an Adeks race to see who can finish the chewable first, only you are just pretending to eat that terrible thing, and your son thinks he wins every time..... You resort to every kind of bribery known to accomplish treatments and have NO guilt about it what so ever..... You are estatic when you child wants to eat at mid-night.... You have no guilt piling on extra sour cream, butter and everything fattening to everything they eat... You DARE anyone to mess with this child, and if they do, you pray you are having a really good day lol.... You are considering going to the school and requesting that they repeal the "Perfect Attendance Award", because you have nightmares about what the child sitting next to yours is suffering from..... You never get enough of your child asking to have their back rubbed.... You ask the Lab if they can take some of your blood (for no reason) just so your child doesn't have to do it alone... you enter a Doctors office or ER and instantly tell your child "don't touch ANYTHING" and lather them with germ x every 2-3 minutes.... You try and create wonderful Milkshake concoctions, that are so irresistible your child can not turn them away, and you are begging God to give you the will power not to eat them.... whoa that's a tough one.... You have placed every doctor, pharmacy, & hospital on speed dial.... You have NO problem what so ever recreating the "Give my daughter the shoot" scene from Terms of Endearment, whenever your child is not receiving good treatment, and the more you reinact it you realize you may be up for a actress of the year award.... Your child collects all the medical equipment possible during visits, not so he can simply play with them when he gets home, but rather so he can torture you as he reinacts his visit (and you must now suck it up and like it)... .lol.. When one sucker wont due, and the Doctor resorts to giving your child 5 suckers just to listen to his lungs.... Your child knows exactly where the good patient stickers are, and upon leaving you realize your child has stuck nine to his shirt (oops).... When your child thinks the UPS truck is the "Medicine Man", that just delivers drugs to everyone... You try and make your child understand that this very expensive vibrating toy is really allot of fun, and all the other kids would love to play with it, so he should too, when he still refuses you tell him you will give him a dollar.... By the age 5 your child is now requesting 20 dollars for treatment sessions (you laugh, yeah right!!) You are trying to figure out where in the world to store all these medications.... When you forget and leave some down, your husband points out your error and you laugh and reply, yeah right like the kid is going to run over and takes 20 more doses after you just had to pay him to take the first 20 lol lol lol.... If that was the case I would leave them in reach on purpose, I could save a ton of money lol.. Your child at age five can swallow more pills at one time than you can!!! You find pills under the table where your child tried to feed them to the dog, and even the dog turned them down!!! Examing poop has become a part of your daily routine... You look often at your child, pondering where in the world he recieves his courage from, cuz it far surpasses your own....

This is a branch off of our wonderful "surfer girl" aka Nicole Goetz (she would love to see it continue) - You know your a CFer if- Feel free to leave comments with your "You know your a CFers mum if- or you know you are a CFer if, and I will add them to the lists...... I am going for 3200 ways instead of 32, yes it will take years but we gotta keep laughing...

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