Friday, August 7, 2009

Swallowing Pills....

These are the Creon 10 enzymes. For those who don't know what enzymes are - CF patients with PI (pancreatic insufficiency), are not able to properly digest and absorb food leading to growth & nutritional concerns. To help treat this problems Lane takes anywhere from 10-15 enzymes a day, 2 with every meal, 1 with every snack (he snacks allot), 3 with really fattening good stuff like Pizza... So I was way way way happy Lane could swallow these pills from the get go... He was diagnosed at age 4, and at that time started swallowing one at a time... really I am feeling real sorry for you guys that have to mix it in everything... Like a potato chip??? Anyways he quickly started swallowing 2 at a time and then yes we had some pizza and down the hatch 3 went... (at one time, I dont even do that) wow boy is only 5 and my other kids didn't do that until they were like almost grown (okay like 13 / 14)... This is to show you the comparison of the enzymes to a Tylenol.
Next problem, one day I gave my son his vitamin, which is huge, like pre-natal vitamin huge... Well what does he do he swallows it, which I am like whoa, didn't expect that and uh we cant swallow those they are chewable... and you know some chewable pills are not suppose to be swallowed because they may need to breakdown in a different manner... But I am like shocked he can swallow that thing, I have a hard time getting that sucker down.... So we went to the doctor and YEAH doc says no problem.... swallow away.... Lane is on cloud nine since they taste terrible.... funny thing is I am still buying liquid Motrin and such, really don't know why, of course he likes liquid Motrin... So point is, as soon as you can get your little guys to swallow pills, the easier it will be to get them to take their meds... cuz they will taste a whole lot better....By the way we started with Zyrtec at age 1... (they are small in size) yes you heard me correctly he was 1 year old, there was a mistake on his script, so I ended up will pills instead of liquid and it was the weekend so what do you do, practice swallowing them.... Amazing...

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  1. It IS absolutely amazing that children can be so adaptable and learn so quickly! I am so grateful that Lucy started taking her enzymes by herself at around 15-16 months old!! We both NEVER want to see applesauce again! LOL GREAT JOB LANE!!


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