Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Dirty Durable CF Made Snow ( I mean Dirt) Angel...

So here is my CF Made snow angel... Yes, at my daughter's regional softball games, my son yelled " Hey mom, look I am making a snow angel" I glance over to see my son stirring up the dirt and rocks (after floating in bathtub for an hour he still has sand stuck to his scalp) as he waves his arms and legs with such pride... Of course I cant help but bust out laughing since this is the first snow angel I have been given made from dirt.... Which also adds a terrible night for breathing I might add since all that dirt ends up in his nose, sinuses and everywhere else... oh and don't miss the nice bloody fat lip my CF Made Dirt Angel is sportin from taking a face dive to the bottom bleacher.... Yep he is definitely my dirty durable little CF Made Angel keeping me on my toes as always..

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