Sunday, December 6, 2009

Celebrity Slide Part 1

This was an absolute blast....
We arrive and meet our tour guide Meaghan... She was fantastic, she lead or followed us around all day, and with out her we would have easily got lost in that complex, or trampled by horses.. But our Meaghan kept great tabs on us.... (photo of Lane and Meaghan working on a horseshoe ornament) This is the press room where we along with the other families met our Celebrities and reporters got there interviews... Lane chillin out with Cody Lamert (Lane's Celeb), JW Hart, Adriano Moraes... Famous Bull Riders.... Whoot.... Lane is a HUGE fan of the movie 8 Seconds (he has watched it like 50-60 times no joke.... So meeting Cody Lambert (who traveled the rodeo circuit with Lane Frost, and invented the vest after Lane's death) was huge for my Lane.. He is still talking about Cody Lambert and Trainer Casey Hinton everyday.... Problem is now he wants to REALLY ride a bull.. no more pretending.... lol... I think we may be in

Lane chillin on Hollywood Allstar... A beautiful horse which was retired the next night.... The introduction of teams. (bottom left, Cody Lambert, Lane Decker, Casey Hinton (The fabulous Trainer), a father with his two children and then William Shatner (Star Trek))
The Celebrities.... Lane was given this awesome Belt Buckle which prolly weighs as much as He loves it...All the wonderful autographs Lane received... All the bull riders also signed his ChapsThey were so amazing to all the Make a Wish kids... It was unbelievable everything they did... They gave each child a full outfit, hat, two bags ( one was embroidered) a belt and belt buckle, gloves, calendar, and many more items... Cody gave Lane a bull riding movie, and a PBR hat which he sign, and three more hats to my husband which made my husbands day believe me...

Uncle Ryan and Ashley

JW Hart

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