Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Okay guys... this is where I must not fall off the band wagon entirely and instead continue on my path of spilling all my insanity in to a blog for the world to judge lol... The truth is that dealing with a child with a chronic, life threatening illness requires a well balanced mental state... Which is quite laughable if you really think about it lol.... okay so you throw someone into a completely insane situations and require them to stay sane in order to achieve their goals... Really if you think about it, it should be the next up and coming reality show... "mom struggles to not go mad, over a compressor going bad...." First and for most my shoulder to cry on must be God, because in case you have not figured it out yet my problems are waaayyyy beyond mankind lol... no offense but really they are at this point.... The changing of the new year, comes bitter sweet..... I am glad to have grown to the degree my life required of me this last year and at the same time I am a little tired and well am not too anxious to do it again for another year.... I think that thought actually left me a little depressed, okay a little more than a little.... but the important part of all that complaining is that I must keep my thoughts moving, my Bible open, and my prayers continuous... So as you can see by my blog or should I say lack of, I am just now willing to except another year of this, seeing how it is now almost February I must throw in the towel, pull myself up by my boot straps, quit whining and say "Bring it on CF, its time to take it to the mats, cuz were ready for another round"..... :)

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