Sunday, January 31, 2010

Past Hospital Visit....

I use to say Lane was my baby that went from totally fine to cant breathe in 2.2.... At this point in time he was still not diagnosed with CF... And just a few months away from his 2nd birthday.. Occasionally he would be doing just fine and then out of nowhere get really sick and not be able to breathe.... We had given him breathing treatments at home on several occasions when this occurred... This particular time he was totally fine (at least he seemed to be) and within twenty four hours he was running a high fever and unable to breathe, I was unable to give him a treatment due to running out of medication at home so we took him to the ER to have them administer one.... Upon arriving they diagnosed him with RSV and pneumonia... I recall a conversation with the doctor, where he was discussing that fact that Lane didn't seem to become ill like others, he noticed that something was different and noted that it was as if he had Asthmatic tendencies.... Lane was treated on many occasions in the future for asthma, but never truly diagnosed with it since they didn't test for it until age six... but since we now have a correct diagnosis, I am not sure that asthma is playing any roll.... I do remember however those sinuses..... after a few days on antibiotics and the O2 tent that green mucus started flowing, which was always a major problem with Lane.... Sinus Infections....
My cutie patootie :) Eating breakfast with dear ol dad.....Look at them cheeks :).... Allot of things we went through with Lane make allot more sense now that we know that Cystic Fibrosis is the culprit...


  1. oh those sinuses! moody's were awful, he had his first (and only thus far) surgery at 5 y.o. since then we have been religious about rinsing them with saline (and tobi) and he has been able to keep them clear and polyp free ever since.

  2. Oh poor baby. I would have died to see my little guy zipped up in a crib, I am sure it was breaking your heart as well.

  3. It is always nice to hear stories you can relate too. My son is 5 and was diagnosed with CF in utero. Last summer at 4 he had two sinus surgeries after he was diagnosed with significant sinus disease. They were infected with strep and staph and we spent two weeks in the hospital with a pic line and very strong antibiotics. We are now doing sinnus washes twice a day without fail. You might check out I came across the nasopure nasal wash system after netipots and premixed solutions did not go over well. Nasopure has hypertonic saline and is so easy to use my son can now do it by himself(which Mr. Independent loves). It is also extremely to clean. We have had great success and pray this well help keep us infection and surgery free in the future.
    God Bless


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