Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some Easter Love From Casey!!

Our Angel Casey was at it again.... We arrived home from Easter Egg Hunting to find a package... It was so special when Lane opened the card and actually started reading it out loud by himself... Oh my gosh he is getting so big, I couldn't believe it..... He did a great job reading her special card... He was so excited to see all the CANDY, he loves his candy... And check out these really cool sports eggs, we have hid and hunted over and over and over again the last few days... And these well these are walkie talkie... and we played Army several times over the last few days... I haven't played army since I was a kid, but Lane just loves to play army... We have had so much fun playing with these over the last few days running around outside yelling over walkie talkies ( Note I said We lol)...His box was filled with so many little goodies and much much much love... Such a great treat... Casey has been so good to our little Lane... She has truly touched our family with her graciousness and generosity, but above all her spirit and faith... God has truly blessed us with an angel.... Thank you so much Casey, Lane has absolutely enjoyed your surprise package!!!

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