Monday, May 10, 2010

OU - The Locker Room ( Part 2)

Lane had the time of his life hangin with the OU players in there locker room... They laughed and laughed as they signed his ball and trader cards, and laughed some more... He had soooo much fun in the locker room... The entire team was so amazing with Lane, it just melted my heart to see him so happy....

Herren #18 even gave Lane a sweat band which he now wears to EVERY one of his own little league games....Did you know Lane is actually shy??? who woulda thought... I cannot believe how alive he was with this team, it just amazed me how he jumped right on in there as if he knew them his whole life.... It was so awesome.... What an expierience... One that will not soon be forgotten!!!!
To be continued!!!


  1. Looks like a total blast! Awesome!

  2. Lol, that's so great he got to have that experience. Amazing!

    And from the looks of past posts, is also an amazing ball player. Like someone else I know ;)


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