Thursday, July 1, 2010

The CF Made boy made not one....but TWO HOMERUNS.....

Yes I know it is about baseball again.... But I can not help it.... Lane got two homeruns in his game and he is on cloud nine.... Yep the CF Made boy just got himself TWO HOMERUNS... I know we may talk alot about sports, but there was a reason God placed in Lane's heart the overwhelming desire for baseball..... I have come to be soooo grateful for that desire, it just may be his desire for baseball that saves his life..... It is the best lung therapy and exercise he could get to keep himself as healthy as possible, and as far as Lane is concerned when he steps on that field, cf doesn't exist..... He is there to win... with or without CF.... (okay so he is also a little competitive, no harm in that lol lol) I know that every CF child is different, and sports may not be possible for everyone, but if it is possible I want to encourage every CF parent to step back and let their perfectly CF Made Children Shine.... God made no mistakes, he made them tough and he has gifted them all with extraordinary talents.... So listen to their hearts, find their talents and let them SHINE ON.....they have a story to tell....


  1. proud of Lane!! What an awesome accomplishment!!

  2. Yay! Sorry about his favorite player leaving, but we'll give him lots of big Texas love and cheering here!


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