Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Designer Medical Equipment!!!

Well we finally decided that if we had (well if Lane had) to be attached to this machine everyday we should at least decorate it... right. Lane typically Hates, and I do mean HATES his vest, today I think they bonded :) I am sure it will be short lived but hey, what ever works right... I figured the beast would be sporting baseballs, but nope not this time, as soon as he seen the military stickers he was sold..... He Loves playing army (what boy doesn't)... He loves running through the house sporting the Nerf gun his uncle Ryan and soon to be Aunt Ashley bought him for his birthday and his walkie talkies his Angel Casey got for him... So Army it is.....

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  1. Talk about making the best of thing!! Good for you!! I've just caught up on your posts. Way to go Lane!!! So excited that you did so well in baseball.

    And the suspense is killing me...can't wait to hear what wish is coming true!!


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