Monday, July 5, 2010

The mud slide at the Ponderosa!!!

We were invited to visit some friends "lil patch of peace" just outside of town...... Okay well they call it the "Ponderosa"... A quiet little secluded place to have a little fun and enjoy the 4th with some friends.... well let me tell you it RAINED and RAINED and RAINED.... So what to do but to enjoy the here and now and embrace what God has blessed us with and enjoy us good ol fashion mud lol.... Lane couldn't have been happier, mud is right up any boys alley..... All the kids enjoyed playing some mud ball.....And of course the Go-Cartin, 4-wheelin, motorcyclin track turned, well lets just say it also turned into a muddy mess..... Which led to tons of fun, some hilarious mishaps and adults acting like children ahem.... my husband.... I absolutely have way more exciting pictures of crashes and craziness , but in order to keep a few friends around I guess I should just print them some lol And of course we couldn't have a holiday without the kids enjoying a pinata... We just love pinatas and have kinda made it a tradition.... IT IS ALWAYS fun.... AS FOR THE MUD, WELL LETS JUST SAY I AM STILL TRYING TO CLEAN IT OUT OF EVERYTHING.... INCLUDING LANE'S EARS LOL....... BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.....

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