Monday, August 16, 2010

Me organized....WOW

Okay so sometimes I am a kid too :).... and I was really excited to see I had received a package..... I look further to see it has come from our angel Casey..... I rip it open to see this awesome Medical Organizer.... Seriously this is exactly what I needed.... I have several folders that I am always toting around with me and digging through my purse to find that list of meds.... and now it can all go in this handy dandy notebook... I just love this part, the Medical Notes, an area to list all the information during each visit.... Stats, weight, etc.... It also has several folders with pockets for scripts, reports and everything I need to stuff in there.... What a perfect treat.... THANKS CASEY, and it will come in extremely handy during Lane's Make-a-Wish wish in 39 yes thats right 39 days.....


  1. i need to know where you got this, we NEED this!

  2. I'm drooling over this organizer!!! I need one too, can you tell me where I can get one?


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