Monday, August 16, 2010

The lovely Gem has awarded us our very first blog award! Totally shocked but very very pleased and quite humbled.The rules say I have to link to the person who has awarded it, so above is the link to Gems blog Just my cup of tea AKA Small and Smiley. It's well worth going and having a read, she's had a tough time of late with her own health, but manages to stay positive and funny. She's also very open and honest which makes her blog so good!Here it is!!****1. Post the award onto your blog.2. Link the person who has given you this award.3. Pass the award to 15 other fab blogs you've discovered.4. Let these 15 people know that you've given them this award.**** (I cant get this to sit in the middle so given up!!)Sooooooo, i've had the really difficult task of deciding which blogs I want to give this award to and after much deliberation and in no particular order here we go. I have chosen the blogs I am currently checking on daily...Worth his saltPhoenix's fightMe, myself and I (and CF)Lovin laneNathans fightLive, laugh, loveBreezy's braveryA Day in the life of a CF momSkye is the limitOur journey--65 red rosesA cure for lil Chrisit's a wonderful lifeGroettum familyLife as a mum to 2 children with CFand I know she has just awarded me mine but i'm sending one right back at her!Just my cup of teaI hope you will all stop by the blogs I have given the award to.Thanks again and enjoy spreading the love.

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