Friday, October 15, 2010

Ahhhh The Straw Market...... What a find....

Ah the Straw Market.... What an awesome, some what freaky find.... I had read about it before our trip and was so delighted to see it was right off our port, even closer than I thought it would be.... Now if you do not know about the Straw Market, it has small (very small) little booths set up next to each other, totally over crowded, and all under a large tent, where locals are able sell neat little trinkets of the Bahamian culture... Lane got a Rain Stick, a little turtle that winds up, a Tom Tom, a hand made straw Mickey Mouse bag with his name put on it, a straw sponge bob wallet.... Best part was that it was barter time, you were able to barter for all the items paying very very little.... Including the awesome Coach bags one could get for as little as $35... Surely Counterfeit but believe me the best counterfeit you would ever find ( inside and out they appear so authentic) ... Be careful though, you are only entitled to bring one counterfeit item  (per person) back through US Custom's (we researched customs prior to our trip)... So overall I think we ALL enjoyed the little Straw Market, it did get a little overwhelming though with each booth owner BEGGING you to make a deal... Many of them sell the same items, making it extremely competitive....  And once in the middle of the tent it starts to feel a little overwhelming, and quite claustrophobic.. One vendor even followed us ALL the way back to the ship trying to get us to have my daughters hair braided, pleading that her place was clean and licensed, hmmm not feelin it, although it was quite a bit cheaper than hair braids on the ship... That my friends is going a bit far lol...... Yet the experience is well worth it.... :) If you ever plan on making a trip to the Bahama's then you will NOT want to miss out on the Straw Market.....  Just keep your kids close and your pocket books closer lol..... 


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  1. That looks like so much fun! I love places like that as you can always find some hidden gems! I struggle with bartering sometimes though, i'm a sucker for a sob story!!

    Marcy thank you so much for your last comment on our blog, it meant a lot and has helped me immensely. It was just what I needed to hear so thank you thank you thank you xx


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