Sunday, October 6, 2019

Stuff the Stocking 2019


Now Through November

We will be collecting New Items to stuff awesome stockings

ATTN SEEKING ~ Angels and Elf's to help us make this event a success, if you or your class, team, family, business wants to help by being a drop off point, raise items, sew stocking, raise funds, help stuff or donate your talent, Please join us!!! It Takes A Village!

 Stockings Benefit
Children (0- young adult) living in our local communities, who have been diagnosed with a chronic or life threatening illness, or suffer from a severe disability, as well as their siblings. When a child is diagnosed with a chronic or life threatening , the entire family is affected. Often times, these families 
are managing many doctor appointments, therapies, traveling, medication needs, and extra expense. This typically requires much more time, and financial support than a child without these conditions,  And leaves not only the patient exhausted but the parents as well. All the changes and time required to be a caregiver can affect siblings in many different ways, including worry, fear, anger, or guilt.

 We want to show support for all our families in our community by being apart of their village during the holidays. We strive to bring cheer and smiles by providing a stocking for their child, as well as to  the child's  siblings living in the home... Siblings are ANGELS who play a HUGE role in helping and supporting their brother or sister, often encouraging them through treatments, and we want to celebrate them as well... 

We will work hard to be able to provide for all these children in our community, both currently at home or in the hospital, and with great success will also be able to provide additional stockings to the hospital floors in need. 

 We have delivered many stocking to children living here and surroundings towns with a wide variety of special needs as well as Cystic Fibrosis patients that were in inpatient at Baptist Medical Center, Childrens Hospital, and we were able to provide a stocking to children battling varies Cancers at the Childrens Hospital in OKC., and we always check Blackwell and Ponca City Hospitals right before Christmas to make sure we dont miss a child in need.    

Some suggested and approved items for the hospitals are-
* Art supplies, sketch books and craft activity kits for all age groups
* Board games, card games or puzzles
* Books, word games, word searches, Sudoku or learning activities for children, teens and adults
* Bubbles and bubble tumblers
* Crayons, coloring books, colored pencils, markers & fuzzy posters
* DVDs and portable DVD players (new releases are always needed)
* Pajamas, slippers and lounge wear for children and teens
* Plastic toys! trucks, cars, stacking toys, light up toys, play sets – toys, toys, toys (all plastic, please)!!
* Pop-up, I-spy or push-button books
* Bath & Body for teens, sweats or t-shirts for children and teens
* Cozy washable blankets, these are great, even the $5 blankets that come in a roll were a hit
* Video games and game systems or hand-held games
* GIFT CARDS and ROLLS of QUARTERS for vending machines (for inpatient)  - are always needed
Do to the inability to clean them STUFFED ANIMALS are not allowed at the hospital but can be given to patients currently at home.

* Gift, Food and Gas Cards are extremely helpful for home and the hospital.
 *The list is endless of types of  items we have collected for children currently at home. We do try and remind everyone that we have children of all ages to young adult.    

We also collect tax deductible donations to help fill in the gaps, if you feel called to assist in this cause you can make checks out to the Blackwell Community Foundation     

If you are interested in being a special Elf and want to be a drop off location, adopt a stocking or include your business please contact Marcy at 580-491-9158, drop a message on facebook or send me an e-mail at It takes alot of special Angels and Elfs to make this project a success and we are so grateful for each of you....

Any Family, Group, Business, Club
can adopt an entire stocking or an entire family
 to stuff and decorate however you would like
This is GREAT for creating a stocking
In Honor or In Memory of a loved one
If interested contact me and I will get you details 

For more details or information contact Marcy (580) 491-9158 

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