Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Son!!!

February 17, 2009 - Tuesday
Our Son...
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Our youngest son has always suffered from respiratory illnesses, andhad been treated in the past for asthma and allergies. Recently ourbabysitter Miss Amanda, discussed some of her observations with us andwe decided to consult our family doctor to go over our concerns. Ourdoctor immediately lined up a few days worth of testing, and uponcompleting all the tests, on Friday our son was diagnosed with CysticFibrosis. To say the least this was a very heartbreaking diagnosis.Thank God for our parents, siblings as well as other family members andfriends, which have been extremely supportive in many ways as we figureout the best ways to help our son. Having there support makes a hugedifference and we are truly grateful for everything they have done. Welove you all... We are also extremely grateful for Miss Amanda. It isvital to a patient with Cystic Fibrosis to receive early treatment, hadit not been for Miss Amanda, our son would have continued to go withouttreatment which could be life threatening. She has played a huge rolein our sons future. We are truly blessed to have her.... I am alsoblessed to have an awesome family doctor, who listened to me, who notonly acted quickly to line up all the testing he felt necessary, butalso when he received the results, made every effort to find me (I wasstill driving home from the hospital) to give me the results as soon aspossible and offer to come and discuss them with me in person. I amblessed to have a doctor that displays such compassion and concern...In a day where hectic schedules keep us all running crazy, this manmust have called more than seven times just during my drive home, andquickly called in more prescriptions, lined up a doctor in OklahomaCity, and showed great compassion while he unfortunately had to breakterrible news to me, which I know was hard for him to have to do. Wewere truly blessed throughout all the testing to encounter the mostcheerful, kind medical staff members...This was truly Gods Blessing forme, God knew it was a week we needed compassion and he delivered inevery face we met. It is amazing and overwhelming to be surrounded byso many compassionate and kind people. It just shows that God does lookout for us and takes care of us even in the little details... So whatnow? Well we go down to Oklahoma City Wednesday to see a specialist andstart his treatment. And then we take it one day at time..... Of courseone of the thoughts that came to me was "when you are thrown lemons,you make lemonade" of course I said God there are way way too manylemons here I couldn't possible make that much lemonade, and hisresponse was; well then you will have plenty left to make lemon barsand lemon meringue pie. So we will embrace what God has given us today,and trust him to lead us into tomorrow...

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