Thursday, February 19, 2009


February 19, 2009 - Thursday
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Thank you all for all your kind words, it has meant lot to all of us.... We have received many calls and thank you for everyone of them. It is really hard to keep up with everything and I know I have not been able to personally thank each one of you but please know how much I appreciate it.. My mom and sister have been wonderful with moment to moment support, which has been a huge source of sanity. Thank you guys I love You...Well we are back from OK City.... The day proved to be quite trying.... Everything is going so fast, it is really hard to keep up. We started Lane on his medication regiment, which consists of 12 or so oral doses of medication daily (which he is amazing and is already swallowing adults capsules) and 3 different nebulizer medications each twice daily. He will be fitted for a vibrating vest next week which will be used a few times a day as well to loosen mucus from the walls of the lungs and help to cough it up... I am grateful for this, since it will take place of the percussion therapy that was done manually prior to this.. It would be emotionally hard on me to have to do that daily, so I am hopeful this will save me from a lot of that.... needless to say it is a bit overwhelming to grasp everything that has happened so far, and to be thrown into all the changes that are necessary for his treatment. I knew a little about CF prior to this, but I had no idea all the organs (pancreas, liver, gall bladder, colon, lungs) that are affected and how much medical care is necessary. It is really to much to take in all at one time, but I am grateful for all the different people who have been helping us. Lane will also have some more blood work next week, to do further DNA testing (which is the part he hates, the needles), and the rest of our kids will be tested as well, since it is genetic. Although I am confident that they are all fine. Lane, well he is taking this with stride, making jokes, like trying to convince me to hide his medication in my purse so he doesnt have to take it, or he also wanted to know that when he goes back next week if the doctor will let him stop taking them, when I told him sorry the doctor will still make you continue to take them, he got that real sarcastic goofy look on his 4 year old face, and said "well mom, we just need to find another doctor then" of course it was so funny the way he said it so cocky, but it still made me sad.. and yet again I am reminded that this is about him, and I need to suck it up (of course that is easier said than done)... I thank God for this beautiful baby boy, and I pray that God continues to show me things through this childs eyes; innocent, pure and totally full of life...

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