Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Did the postman just deliver maggots to my house???

I am sure you are wondering what in the world this is... So was I when the mailman arrived at my house to deliver a package addressed to Cain Fishman... huh... uh.... what is this.... as I yell for my oldest son to come with an explanation as to what in the world this package is and where did it come from.... Boy am I surprised when the package is opened to reveal (are those maggots) what??? Larva yes larva, oops one of the little containers leaked larva (larva????@#$@#%) why has larva, fruit flies, and tadpoles arrived at my house.... My precious son goes on to explain that this kind man sent him tadpoles for Cain to raise into tree frogs and all the beautiful flies are to feed the tadpoles and the larva will mature in to fruit flies.... oh, yeah that all makes sense (not really).... so my words are a little negative, as I express to Cain that thousands of people are doing everything they can to get rid of fruit flies, and my son, well my son is breeding them... (whoa)... Then he assures me that these flies don't fly... yep flyless flies.... that makes all the difference.... Where did boys come from???? I must say after I recovered from my initial shock of flies and larva and tadpoles arriving at my house, I had a really really really much needed
laugh.... Still laughing actually.... I had a rough mourning
with all the ingredients of a breakdown brewing, and then the post man arrives to give me a very unexpected laugh... So thank you Earl for your generous contribution to my son and his adventure with the aquatics and the much needed laugh.. Cain has cleaned up the crawling larva and has transferred the tadpoles to their home in yet another fish tank..... So Earl, this may have come as a complete shock to me, but your efforts truly made one happy fishman....


  1. Marcy, amazing you can laugh at maggots and larvae. What a blessing your children have in a mother.

  2. Fly-less Flies? Was he being serious?

    Not quite something I'd enjoy receiving via post, though...


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