Friday, July 31, 2009

All my babies are growing up!!

I am exhausted.... It has been one of those crazy but exciting weeks.... I think I accomplished allot, but I cant stop going long enough to figure out what is still on my list.... lol School is starting real soon, and although my kids may not believe me I am just as sad as they are that summer is over.... Actually Lane is the only one really excited about school and well that is only because it is his first time.... I am sure in a matter of a few weeks the new will wear off.... As for Cain, well he shall be a sophomore, I cannot believe it.... He was once little like lane and now at almost 5'10 my baby has out grown me.... :( ..... Nick will be a freshman, making it a high trio for all our older kids.... Taylor, well this is just plain heartbreaking... my beautiful little girl will be graduating this year :( Not sure how I will handle that!!!!! I have cried every time I sent one to kindergarten and it will be even worse this year..... I will be sending my baby Lane off to his first year and my baby girl off to her last year..... I feel the tears coming..... Wow does time fly.....

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