Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun for almost free...

I have tried to find free or next to free Fun things to do during the summer. So we drove to Winfield Kansas Aquatic Center and visited their beautiful park which had all these geese that Lane was able to feed and one of the neatest structures for kids to run through and play on, but Lane was more interested in swimming, so after we feed the geese we headed over to the pool. The pool was beautiful, and very clean. This dragon was only one of the attractions you will find at the pool, they also have two water slides (lane was not tall enough) and the rest of the kids didn't want to go and missed out yet again... Teenagers.... Anyways there are water slides for kids 48 inches and taller... This was a wonderful day away and only cost $3.00 A good find!!! On to the next pool....


  1. Only $3.00? No way! I have to find something like that close to my house to bring Halainah. I feel like I take her to the same park all of the time! She's getting bored. Lane looks like he had a blast!


  2. i think water serpent is the correct term :) lol


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