Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten - and a demanding roommate....

Tomorrow is the first day of school, and just so you know, I was not planning on sharing this special day.... I had already put much thought into it a few years back.. My plans of savoring the 1st day of our last child... My baby starting his first day of kindergarten, which any seasoned parent already knows, is just the beginning to many firsts..... My plans included embracing this day, weeping as I did with all my babies and maybe a little more since he would be the last to encounter such a milestone... A milestone so precious in the memory of a mother, that sharing the day is out of the question... So I thought.... My son's, not so eager to leave roommate, demands to tag along... Demanding to be introduced as well as consume every ones time unveiling all his quirks and requirements, as if to say hey I am first priority here... That is if you want to avoid infections, malnutrition, or hospitalizations... Stealing Lane's thunder to just be himself, really bothers me, the nerve..... All the while Lane is far more excepting of his self absorbed invader... paying his roommate no attention as he explores bins full of projects and the dangling beads hanging from the ceiling.... I often wonder what goes through the mind of this little 5 year old... So Share I shall, not by choice but in hopes that by sharing the spot light, his life draining self absorbed roommate will consider the extra attention as a peace offering, and in turn will spare Lane from the heartache of missing ANY of the fantastic adventures he is so looking forward to experiencing as a kid........ In closing we have carefully considered the Roommates Demand Letter, and agree to accommodate his needs...

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  1. oh this is such a great post... but looking back on 12 years of me 'introducing the roommate' to the teachers, administrators, coaches, i have come to realize it keeps my son from having to do it. he is free to be the normal, crazy, funny kid that he is.

    lane will have such a great time at school. enjoy it. savor it... just as you'd planned, because you know he won't be thinking about his crotchety ol' roommate at all!


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