Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CF or BUG???

Coughing Coughing Coughing... A quick reminder of the roommate inside.... Ugh.... So here is where I am always lost..... excessive coughing and no other symptoms... No fever, no green stuff that I can see, no vomiting, or diarrhea, just coughing coughing coughing.... So what is it???? Is it CF, or is it a bug??? Lane is always on an antibiotic, which really helps but sometimes leaves me even more confused..... This is the part I hate, my inexperience of not knowing anything, the part where as a parent I feel completely inadequate..... so we are going to go to our regular doctors office here to determine..... So any help out there is always appreciated.....


I might add that Lane actually said that all the coughing was due to the cartoon he was watching, cuz that was when it all started.... lol if it was just that simple, it would be soooo easy to just change the channel.....lol

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