Saturday, June 19, 2010


This is the picture of one hard playing ball player.... Lane just finished his Season with the Cardinals.... They took 1st in the End of the Season Tournament, along with 2nd place for the pre-season and the Snow Glenny... They also placed in the League Standings...Bottom line they ended their season with a good amount of hard ware lol.... 3 medals and a Trophy.... Oh and lets not leave out the two Wasp Bites Lane also received last night during the games.... Lucky for him a team mates mom was kind enough to run home and get him some ointment... This is one worn out boy.... He played hard and LOVED every minute of the season...... BUT WAIT it is not over, we found a league just starting up in another nearby town so we joined up..... EXCELLANT LUNG THERAPY and fun fun FUN.... So here we go again.... If you want to see more pictures you can view them at and the click on GALLERY.....

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