Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Drug and the PILL Lottery....

We have added another drug to our list, I actually think we have added a few since I upated the meds, but this is one of the latest ones.... Lane has been doing wonderfully at baseball, but sometimes does complain of his chest hurting, so they are trying out a xopenex inhaler for whenever he feels short of breath or his chest is hurting..... So far he has refused to use it.... Ball is the one place he wants to be totally normal, and I cant blame him.... They just told me to tote it around with me and always have it available..... So we shall see..... on a side note, we finally got his antibiotic, well actually two antibiotics in pill form..... Yippee this has been an on going challenge... Lane's CF doctor quickly changed his all the time antibiotic, but it was a little harder to get from the regular doctor, for ear infections and what not... We would show up and it would be a chewable or something...... but finally a Dr. got it right and gave him capsules.... GIVE ME AN AMEN..... Believe me I know Lane is only 6, but once they figure out the pills taste soooooo much better than the liquid it is hard to get the liquid down them.... and on the flip side they are little people so allot of meds are not available in pill form for their height and weight.... But for now all is good in the pill world for Lane, me on the other hand have had a terrible time tying to keep them on time lately, there has been two many.... After this round, maybe it will be back to only a million pills a day instead of a billion... We can hope..(oh and I am NOT complaining cuz I know it could be way worse, I am actually Happy Happy for less complaining..).

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