Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~A Year of MAKE A WISH~

I have finally risen from bed from being sick for a week, I think we are over the worst of it... Which brings us one week closer to Lane's WISH.... As I mentioned last week, Betty Kay was so kind to priority mail our sneak peak to us last week, so as we were feeling better over the weekend we have been exploring with Lane his opportunities for his up and coming wish... He is so excited, we ALL are.... We cannot thank Make A Wish enough for the last year.....

The last few years have been rough... We have had to relearn our life.... Everything has changed and I do mean almost EVERYTHING.... The ache of a parent, the ache of a MOTHER finding out her child has a non-curable deadly diesease is just too much for the heart to except..... I remember it as if it were yesterday, sitting in the doctors office being told "what it boils down to is half of them will make it to thier 30 and the other half of them will not" I remember thinking uh 30's are not even good enough, and to think of being the 50% that doesnt even make it that far, well is just something I honestly do not consider an option... Its just not exceptable... And then throughout the year we lost several fellow CFers and it really brought it too close to home... Wrapping my head around all of that is just more that my spirit could handle at times and honestly can easily leave me depressed.... So as a mom you just move on, one foot in front of another... One treatment after another.... We had to make some drastic decisions, one being my career change which is currently a grateful stay at home mom, only it doesnt pay so well... Sqeezing two incomes into one is also a very stressful adventure..... But we have kept faith that God, through all of this, will provide and carry us through to the other side, and he has and will continue to as well... But this life is one that many many many just dont understand unless they walk in your shoes.... I must admit I could have never imagined the stress, heartache, pain of having a child with a life threatening cronic illness until i was here... And yes I try very very VERY hard to stay possitive, pick myself up by my bootstraps and move forward, but it is not always easy.... This last year Make a Wish has played a HUGE roll in giving us many many happy memories.... They provided many opportunities to our family that we otherwise would not have been able to attend... We are so truly grateful for all they have done.... Katie Ray, Kandy, Whitney, Amy, Betty Kay, our wonderful volunteer Macey, and our wish adopter Casey.... As well as all the others I know that have been involved.... You all have helped us through this difficult transition period where we are learning a new path in life... we will always be grateful for ALL the smiles and memories you all have given us.... So I wanted to recap a year in the life of MAKE A WISH.... I just love this picture, it was taken when we first met our volunteer Macey... She gave Lane a ball and a bat and we stopped along the side of the highway so he could play with it... He was sooooo excited... If you look real close you can see where he hit the ball to the very top of the grass... This picture reminds me that we do have an uphill battle, but we will conquer it!!

This is Macey, what an angel... She volunteers for Make A Wish and is just a bundle of happiness... This is when Lane went to a fundraiser at Stillwater Highschool.... He had sooo much fun...He was a little shy with the mime, she kinda made him nervous lol...
This was amazing because I always always try to let Lane get a prize or choose lunch at each appt... I always want him to remember fun times conneted to his doctors appt, and he always looks forward to his treats.... Well this day Lane threw up EVERYWHERE soaking his clothes, (mind you we are two hours away from home) I had to step in and create this dress out of two jackets that were thankfully in the car.... Poor boy didnt even have any roos on underneath, there was no way I could take him anywhere and at this point I didnt want him to get anyone else sick .... Low and behold Angel Macey shows up with this treatbag for Halloween, I could not tell you want that meant to me during that really really stressful time.... That was his treat for the day and a big treat it was.... His bag was filled with goodies including a movie.... I dont think she really understood SHE SAVED THE DAY....

Of course if you ever follow Lane you know he is a baseball diehard... Make A Wish invited Lane to the Boone Ranch to fish with professtional baseball players.... whoa .... This is a picture of professional baseball player James Boone with Lane (Lane took first place in the tournament)... This family was so incredible.... There Ranch was so beautiful and PEACEFUL.... It was such a stress reliever and so much fun...... We got an invite back this year but couldnt make it due to a graduation but we are so hoping to have the opportunity again next year... This is the CELEBRITY SLIDE.... WOW what an awesome opportunity.... Lane loves bull riding and horses and one of his favorite movies is 8 seconds .... He was soooooo happy to be apart of this event...His celebrity was CODY LAMBERT and he couldnt have been happier.... It was one of the funest events we have ever been to... Totally over the top..... He made ornaments, met celebrities, watched them compete, ate with them... oh he just loved it.. We all did... The NHRA was just faboulous to our family... It was truly a night to remember....Our Angel Casey met us at the event.... Casey adopted Lanes wish and she came to the event to meet us.... It was so very very special... She also brought Lane Christmas presents which was so over the top kind of her... She is such an Angel.... She has touched my heart over and over again... This is Lane on a horse at the Celebrity Slide, he was so amazed......This is Lane sporting his signed chaps.... Several Celebs gave Lane autographs including Cody Lambert, Lyle Lovitt and William Shatner.......This was the adorable outfit he received from the Slide... He just loved it, and wore those jeans until he wore holes in them....This was Easter, Angel Casey sent him a love package... and believe me he LOVED it.... by the way we had a water gun war just last night with that water gun, it is the BEST water gun I have ever seen.... Totally a drencher lol.... Angel Macey sent him a birthday package with this fun games that he has played with many times, including when we were sick this last week... OH by the way this is another CLUE to his WISH...

Then Lane got word that Angel Casey spread the news to one of her friends Angel Tyler and Lane received the awesome stuff from the OU baseball team and the news that he is invited to be a special spectator and was going to get to throw out the first pitch..... OH was he OVER THE MOON>...... Lane at the game with one of his brothers Nick.... I love this picture of Lane....

Lanes first pitch.... Clear across the plate....

Lane in the locker room.... This meant the world to him and still does.... The entire team embraced him and he will never forget that day!!!
This year Make A Wish gave us many more smiles to help us pick up and move forward... Happiness Heals and Make A Wish really inspired a lot of healing :) ..... We Thank each and every one of you for such a fantastic year!!!! God bless each of you!!!


  1. I'm so excited to see what Lane's wish is!

    Also glad you are feeling better, thanks for your last comment on our blog btw it means a lot.

    Take care and I cant wait to see what's going to happen!!


  2. What an amazing organization!! A true blessing. This is just such a fun post. I'm so thankful that Lane has gotten "lavished upon". He so deserves it!! I am so glad you stopped by today because just yesterday I was thinking...I wonder how Lane is doing?? I need to check out their blog! (I've been a horrible blog hopper this summer!)

    p.s. I'm so jealous he got to meet Cody Lambert!

  3. This is so AMAZING - his smiles say it all!!! :)

  4. We love you Marcy!!!!!! I know what your going through!!!! I`m little,but I dated a boy who only had half of his heart and was on Make A Wish. I was always praying for him and all the kids!! And I STILL do. God is AMAZING,and he knows what he`s doing. Lane is in good hands!!! We all are in good,loving hands!!!!! Love you!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  5. Oh,between,Lane is so adorable,I love his smile,he looks like he`s having so much fun,but he can never have to much!!!


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