Saturday, October 2, 2010

The first Leg....

Our Disney Cruise Make-A-Wish trip started as we pulled into the FAST TRACK parking lot to receive valet parking and loaded their shuttle to be transferred to the airport.... Believe me this was such a nice luxury as we didn't have to tote our 10 bags across the parking lot.... :)

We then arrived at the airport, we checked our bags in and met up with Casey (our wish adopter), Macey (Our MAW Volunteer), Casey's wonderful parents, as well as some of her friends.... They threw Lane a send off party right there in the airport, it was just fantastic... I have never seen donuts so cute in my life.... I didn't get a real good pic, but as you can see the spell out MAKE A WISH LANE... they were very yummy too.... They made him signs and brought balloons as well as gifts for his trip... Games, a stuffed army dog that he just loved sleeping with, some MICKEY silly banzs ( you know how popular those are) some crayons and colors books, stickers, tic tac toe games, go fish, travel trouble, play doh, a Buzz Light Year game, buttons that he wore most of the trip.... and believe me he played with them ALL during the trip, a great set of travel gear for a 6 year old.... What a fantastic treat... Macey, Casey and LaneLane and Casey with MICKEYMacey and LaneThe kids playing Travel Trouble waiting for the plane....Lane watching his plane coming... Lane right before take off....In flight... Will, Lane, Nick, Cain & Taylor

Nick, Cain & Tay.... We had 3 flights on the way there so everyone got to change seats and move around allot, but the older ones always tried hiding from the camera.....Nick & Taylor Will And Lane, by the second flight he was OUT... This trip was really exhausting for him, he had an absolute blast, but boy was he WORE OUT!!!!!


  1. Simply awesome! Can't wait to see more!

  2. YAY, and youre OFF! How exciting Lane! HAVE A WONDERFUL trip! hugs little man-
    Heidi & Jack


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