Tuesday, October 12, 2010

These lil Footprints in the Sand...

This is my favorite picture.... Lane's footprints in the sand.... It is also an emotional picture for me.... We do not take this journey alone, I have handed it ALL over to God... God is our Rock, our Strength, our Provider, and our Hope.... He is the Almighty, Omega, the One and Only, and without him I could never make it through this journey... This picture will constantly remind me that we are not alone.... Many people do not understand this life - the life of a CFer or the life of a chronically ill child... We live it day in and day out, it never goes away, it follows Lane everywhere; to school, to play, to sleep, on vacation, to dinner, its everywhere.... In every medication, every treatment, in all the finances, at every appointment, in every prayer, in every dream it is there... There is no escaping it... On the good days, I am able to see beyond the CF and know that God knows our path, and there are no mistakes, he has purposefully made Lane an amazing little boy with a spirit that ALWAYS keeps me laughing, and I am soooo grateful for all we have learned, and for the many wonderful things the Lord has in store for us.... and then on other days I am just sad and on some days I am just so angry that it is ALWAYS there.... No reprieve, no end, just another day.... Another pill, another neb machine gone bad, another bill, just another day.... I do not know how anyone could do this journey without him.... and when I look at this picture it will ALWAYS remind me that we are never alone.... God IS and WILL ALWAYS carry us through this.... These little footprints in the Bahama sand are oh so incredibly precious to me...

These pictures are the best souvenir I brought home from our trip, little footprints in the sand that will ALWAYS remind me that GOD WILL ALWAYS CARRY US THROUGH...

And my hope is that everyone feels that same love and peace from God, that no matter what your journey is, no matter how difficult your path my be, God will ALWAYS see you through it...


  1. Marcy that was such a beautiful post and actually made me cry!

    I think it is because I KNOW exactly how you probably felt writing it and the pictures are enchanting.

    Thank you :)

    Ps have loved reading all the blog posts about the trip!
    What an a amazing thing to have received.

    Take care and have missed you!



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