Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Trip To OKC...

We  I am really behind on blogging and being in contact with the outside world with all the holidays, programs, birthdays, and dr. appts. I am hopefully going to get caught up on life in the next few weeks.... In the meantime  we had to make another trip to OKC for a CF Dr. Appt (which I might add I made a note to self, NO APPOINTMENTS DURING CHRISTMAS VACATION : NOT FAIR at least if that is all possible, it really made a happy time kinda sad for me, it is like you NEVER get away from it all, and although we can not run from CF we sure can hide and next Christmas we are doing just that!!!! )

Anyways the highlight of the day was being able to go see Uncle Ry (pictured above) and Aunt Ashley!!! We dont get to see them too often so it was fun crashing their pad for a bit...   

And as far as the doctor Lane gained 3 pounds, Yes 3 pounds.... Huge Huge.... we had up'd his enzymes and all the holiday baking paid off.... HOORAY!!!    

Lane's sister Taylor also got to join us on our trip, which Lane just loves when she is able to come with us and they had a blast celebrating another CF appt at Chuck E Cheese...  

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  1. Oh my gosh, three pounds!!! That's so wonderful!!!


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