Monday, March 2, 2009

Divine Intervention!!!

March 2, 2009 - Monday
Divine Intervention with my surfer Angel!!!

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As most of you know, I started out in this process completely lost.... I knew a little about CF. I was kinda strolling along thinking I had made it through my share of life's lessons, I had paid my dues, so the rest of my life would surely be a breeze... Once again a very selfish thought. We compare our lives to the rest of the population, certain families seem to breeze right through life with little tragedy while you may look at another and wonder why they have been dealt so much grief. Okay I by no means thought I had been dealt the deck of nothing but grief, but I did think that I had at least survived the worst of what would come my way and that I could breath a little easier knowing I was on the sunnier side... Little did I know that those events or times in my life were just making and molding me for a greater purpose than I had not anticipated. This is why we are also told not to try and guess what God has planned for us, we will always be wrong..... So in the beginning of this journey ( okay so it has only been a few weeks, but believe me it feels a lot longer than that) I found myself searching the web looking for any and all answers I could find. I surfed many websites and personal pages. I did add one foundation, but didn't write anything or send any messages. I just wondered around in cyber space, not even knowing what I was looking for. All of the sudden among hundreds of photos I spot this surfer on a hospital bed, and her photo just spoke to me. I could see this wonderful spirit beaming through this hospital mask. It was an overwhelming strange feeling that I was drawn to this complete stranger. But I just had to talk to her. So I sent her a message, asking her to please not think I was a total crazy person but that I was just drawn to her site. Personally I have never requested a stranger to just add me, and would not have blamed her had she turned me in for spamming or something, I would have thought I was crazy lol.. This sweet women added me and as I read her page I was instantly humbled. Wow what an amazing young women. She has gone through more than I could possibly imagine. I realize I have taken so many things in life for granted. I have sat on my side of the world complaining about the most trivial things, while someone across the states has suffered so much and yet she is so grateful.. My words cannot express the emotional, spiritual, awakening this experience had on me, and I had not even spoken with her yet. We start sending messages back and forth and her words are making me laugh in a time I didn't think I could, cry when I tried not to cry, and left me speechless pondering how one is able to get to a point in their life that they totally "get it". They have figured out what all the rest of us keep running around looking for, " the meaning of life". The good, the bad, and everything in between. The last letter she sent me, I cried every time I read it, her words of encouragement and understanding left me knowing that this was no ordinary encounter, but a divine intervention, for me that is. Her words were meant to sooth and encourage me, her spirit was meant to touch me, and her love of life was meant to show me. Until you experience such a life changing moment from a complete stranger, it is hard to understand, but I wish for each of you such a divine intervention as mine. God will clearly show you that he is in all things. Well after I had my boo hoos over her last message, I didn't hear back from her. She wasn't expected to get out of the hospital until today and I hadn't heard from her since last Monday. This last week I was really kinda stressing out over it, I was worried about her health, and truthfully didn't know what had happened to her. She was being kept captive in a sterile hospital, so surely she had time to get online.. Something had to be very wrong... I shared with my sister and mom my concerns and checked in on her everyday, but no surfer girl. Heartbroken, I thought I would check again, and to my humble gratitude, my surfer girl has come up from under the surf... I was so relieved, of course selfish of me again.. Her week would bring you to your knees, I read the words I had dreaded and feared the most, my little angel had coded, had to be life flighted to another hospital and have emergency surgery... My heart sunk and at the same time I am jumping up and down that she fought the good fight and obviously has more lives to touch.... Way too go girl!!! I am taken back by her courage and spirit. I think that if I can have just a little of that rub off on me, what amazing things I could do... I am forever grateful God has shared her with me, and my son will forever benefit from how she has touched my life....I am so blessed. I am so glad to have you back surfer girl... and to the rest of you, I pray you all experience such a great divine intervention as mine.... *Hugs* Surfer Girl...

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