Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tornado Warning

One son in the middle of treatment, another son on crutches, and just pulling dinner from the oven, takes running through the rain & hail during a tornado warning to a whole new level lol.. We land at our head quarters, Great Grandpa's House, along with mom, and cousins. Taylor asks if Grandpa has any of his famous cookies, which consist of taking two graham cracker squares and smearing cake frosting in the middle. He doesn't have any made up, but is delighted with the request, and eagerly pulls out the ingredients to accommodate his grand daughter... We sit on the porch watching the rain blow through, enjoying the time to catch up. The rain fades away, and we sprung from Great Grandpa's porch to share in the experience of Lane collecting Night Crawlers from Grandpa's ditches for the first time. A childhood memory I have cherished, and am delighted to share with Lane. Cain, unable to join, rooted us on from the porch with Grandpa, as the rest of us walked up and down the ditches looking for the longest, fattest, creepy crawler we could manage to find. Lane of course loved looking for the wormy creatures, collecting them in a bucket, wanted to bring them all home, but in no uncertain terms was he going to pick them up with his own two hands... lol... Well it is time to head home, almost disapointed that the storms didnt last longer. As crazy and inconvenient as it is when the whistle blows, I am always grateful afterwards. Tornado warnings are just God's way of sharing a blessing with us all, time together. It is in these moments, that we are enjoying our greatest treasures in life.... Moments Making Memories!

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  1. I miss those moments at grandpa's ! It makes me remember the summers we spent with grandma & grandpa when we were kids ~ awesome memories !!!


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