Saturday, June 13, 2009

Please keep your pitbull tied up.... and show me the pancakes..

Went to Lane's game,which turned out to be their last... He is now counting down the days until next year... Its gonna be a long year... During the game, a boy on the other team, had a great hit, such a good hit I have no doubt it would have gone all the way to the fence had it not been brought to a dead stop my Lane's face... Ouch.. That kid really hit that ball hard.... After running out to see if he was okay, Lane decides he is NOT gonna sit out... I am really not sure where that kid gets that toughness from, he is a fighter that is for sure... and to miss out on ball, no way!!! Right after the face blow, he was up to bat, ran his bases, and was SAFE at the plate, close call though... After batting, he went on to play pitcher (which for these T-baller is the prime position) only I wasn't sure if he wanted to be so up close and personal with the ball so quickly... But this is Lane, and he loves ball so he finished his last game of the season. He loved ALL his teammates and his coaches (or teachers as he calls them) and had a wonderful experience... He loved every minute of...

I must admit the ball field allows you to forget all your worries, It is kinda amazing how much peace one can find at a sporting event.

Shortly after coming home from the game, I was quickly thrown back into reality. And the stress, well lets say the stress got the better of me... I have my front curb lined up with pit bulls, and to be honest with you I have no hide left... Yep folks everyone already took there share of my behind.... and well everything that should be so simple is just plum ridiculously hard... Why? I don't know, I guess God is not just teaching me to endure at this time, he is teaching me to endure, while also teaching me multi tasking as many crappy things at one time as possible... Yes I will survive, but that doesn't have to mean I like it... but I could use a serious break in any of these areas.... Then well you always have the ones who don't understand, and well I guess they just think your kidding or something.... as they pick you apart... so I sulked, which I don't allow my self to do to often, but I sent my thoughts out in an email in the middle of the night (which probably wasn't the smartest thing) and then I sulked, so much so my face was by far more swollen then Lane's... lol... What can I say he is a whole lot tougher than I....

So Friday how shall I pull my self out of this pity party, with very very little sleep... Oh yeah, fatten up my little boy... He needs poundage.... Pancakes, loaded with lots and lots of butter, and syrup and strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries yum yum.... For those of you who may not understand, yes for some patients this is a no no... for Lane it is Doctor Ordered.... The older kids, well they prefer to sleep in, or go run around with friends, so they missed out, and were only able to get the left overs which is just not the same.... But my little man here loved them... So when sulking- make pancakes, and eventually all the sugar will kick in and you are bound to feel better, at least until the sugar crash (which then gives you an excuse for a well deserved nap)..


  1. are soooo lucky to be eating those pancakes and butter (lotsa butter please) and fruit....wish I were
    carolyn schatz

  2. Lol. My son also has CF, and also lives and breathes baseball.

    That pancake looks awesome, by the way. Mmm..


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