Thursday, August 20, 2009

CF Made...

So I have learned that my son is CF made, which is what I refer to as whether diving into a pool, or taking a baseball or two or three to the face, he seems to have a high pain tolerance... Something I have come to realize God has issued CF children a little more of... So his CF made body and his love for life sends him up my fence.... Will I ever get a break from the ER I wonder?? Yes today I was spared, Thank you Jesus, for my heart can take only so many... I am wondering if all the over the top number of crazy things that happen to him, is to some how out weigh the CF.... hmmmm Food for Thought.... And yes I have survived boys (we have two in high school) but this one is going to do me in... This one is dangerously invincible... Or as I say CF Made...


  1. I like that. I'm CF made as well! My pain tolerance is through the roof...I've often thought about being a cage fighter, as long as they give me special breaks to catch my breath :)


  2. oh, now this is an interesting theory! mine is as daring and fearless as they come. he just got back from mt. hood in oregon where he was at a freeski camp learning to do jumps and cliff jump and all sorts of things that i don't want to think about. probably not what you wanted to hear, but yes... i think we can add that to the list of traits of those who are cf made!!! i'll be very interested to read about all of lane's adventures!! (keep a helmet close by!)

  3. I love this insight! My son who has Cystic Fibrosis is only 21 months, but I can already see these same qualities coming to light. Maybe we'll meet in the ER one day, ha!

  4. Samuel is for SURE CF made! I thought it was just "boy", but it seems to be ALL BOY + fearless) / determination x 10.

  5. You won an award....check it out!

    And yes WE are made strong!


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