Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where to find Medical Organizer....

I have been away from the blog world this week, trying to get everything ready for all kidos and school... But as I returned I noticed a few inquiries in the Medical Organizer.... As I noted I received it from our wonderful Make a Wish Adopter Casey... Shout out to Casey, thanks again... But I did look it up and for those interested I found it at a few places..... It is KnockKnock brand and here is one of the links I found that still had it available.....(some were sold out)

Already started using mine and am so thankful...


  1. Oh I so need that for Jax! I have one that I made that has a cute pic of Jax on the front. I wonder if I could just purchase the insides!

  2. You might google Knock Knock, cuz at one place that did sell just the note pad for all the stats, which I really love..... Marcy

  3. That looks fab!

    Thanks for the well wishes Marcy and I hope the doctors appointment has gone as smoothe as expected xx


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