Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Okay we are barely just squeeking by here lately and I am happy to say I did one survey today concerning CF which took about 45 min of my time on the phone, and will receive $150.00 say CHA CHING... This survey is now currently closed, but

Then I was referred to the  WWMR CF research panel and got another $50.00 just to register to be apart of thier surveys in the future ( of to which you can accept or decline which ever surveys you want to participate in) and I will get paid for those as well.... AWESOME...

You will receive $50.00 just for signing up and I will receive $50.00 for referring you when you tell them Marcy Decker sent you :)

Wow how awesome is that!!! God Bless!!!
If any of you are living with CF or are a caregiver of someone with CF and want to register to be apart of future surveys contact wwmr at   1 (888) 947-2339 then push ext. 3, or email them at CF_Panel@wwmr.com I did both


  1. I joined this panel almost a year ago, but have only been contacted for 2 surveys. :( Still - they were 50 bucks a pop, plus the $50 for signing up, so I can't complain too much. At first I thought it was a scam, but it's totally legit (for the sake of anyone who may be questioning it).

  2. yeah Jenny it would be sooooo nice if they called every month at least.... but I will take the 50 for now lol lol.. thanks for confiming it was ligit ;)...

  3. Thanks for finally talking about > "WWMR CF_Panel" < Liked it!
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