Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lane Got A Call.....

You may be wondering what this is.... Well this is a magic wish wand that Lane's Make a Wish volunteer Macey gave him to help make his wish come true.... And it must be working because...

This is our Angel Casey.... Casey adopted Lane's Wish and has been working very very hard over the last year to make his wish come true and she called this week to say GUESS WHAT???? You got it.... Lane's wish is right around the corner..... YIPPEE..... The count down is on..... The count down is on, can you believe it..... We cant..... In 76 days.... you heard me 76 days Lane's Wish comes true....
Oh what is the wish????... well we want to leave a little suspense..... A few little secrets leaked along the way may help.... This boy is on cloud nine..... He cant wait!!!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing Lane's story and the lead-up to his Make-A-Wish adventure...whatever he wished for. We here in the Make-A-Wish national office are excited to hear what that is and how it unfolds. From the OU baseball pictures, he looks like a star on the mound!

    All the best to your family.


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